Finance For Office Furniture

Why pay in full, up front for your new office furniture when you can leverage cost effective leasing?

You can free up cash flow and build the costs into your profit and loss to make sure you get the maximum benefit over the life cycle of your furniture.

Working closely with Bluestone Leasing, we can advise on the most suitable finance options to suit your current business position.

Cocoon Boss Finance

The advantages of financing your office furniture

  • Tax Savings – The repayments, including any interest, are 100% tax deductible.
  • Opportunity Cost – Sinking your capital into depreciating assets isn’t a great way to make that cash work for you. Finance frees up your cash so you can you utilise it where it can make a difference.
  • Spread the costs – Why pay in full, up front for depreciating assets? Match your costs to the return on your investment and spread your costs in line with your return?
  • Low, manageable, fixed payments – Costs fixed for the term and the VAT spread too.
  • Highly competitive rates – Our independent finance partner provides exceptional rates and access to the largest funding panel in the UK (35+).
  • Pain free – Our expert partner manages the whole process for you and provides ethical, transparent documentation.
  • Turnkey solution – Wrap all of your project costs into one facility. Complete funding for your entire expenditure.
  • Strategic Option – Using a finance solution allows you to adopt a strategic approach to your investments moving forward

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