The Battle For The Meeting Room

The move in business culture towards open-plan offices, hot-desking and mobile working has led to somewhat of a dilemma when it comes to having more organised meetings in the workplace.

Despite the increase in collaborative workspaces in the office environment, there is still a genuine need to have dedicated spaces for privacy and seclusion. But, the trend towards building less internal office space means the meeting room is more in demand than ever.

Meeting Room Issues

Traditionally, meeting rooms are run by some sort of diary system, usually manual and usually with a human element adding confusion as to who’s booked a room and for how long. Meetings over-run, get double-booked and general inefficiencies creep in across the organisation.

This not only has the potential to create friction between groups of people trying to book and use the space but can also create less efficient time management for both the people meeting and the space itself as a business resource.

Room Management Made Simple

evoko meeting room systemWith the Evoko Room Management system, many of these inefficiencies can be eliminated. The system Integrates with existing IT infrastructures and digital calendars to allow people to book rooms more efficiently across an organisation removing doubt, booking mix-ups and wasted time.

The design of the unit is not only attractive but offers an easy-to-use interface that quickly displays whether a room is vacant or busy. What’s more, you can actually increase meeting room availability with a check-in function that releases booked meeting rooms if no one shows up.

By optimising resource usage and analysing statistics from the units, you could open the door to a new more effective meeting culture in your business.


As a company that designs and builds office interiors, we always identify the organisational culture and resource requirements to ensure that the right space is planned in. The Evoko System has also helped us refine our designs to maximise space and efficiency.

That said, the system is incredibly easy to integrate into your existing IT infrastructure and we also supply Evoko Liso Room Management Systems direct to end users.